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The Different Types Of Dodges

  The highly anticipated sequel, Dead Island 2, promises gamers a thrilling experience with new types of zombies and exciting gameplay. Players will have to master the art of dodging attacks from different types of zombies to survive. This article will provide an overview of the various dodges available in the game. The standard dodge requires players to use the Left Analog Stick to move around while pressing X or B buttons to dodge incoming attacks. The Backstep dodge is similar but requires players to only press the Circle or A button instead of moving in a direction. Another type is the Jump Dodge, which allows players to leap over an attack by holding down the A or X button while moving. Aside from these basic dodges, players can unlock special Zombie Dodges that grant invincibility for a short period when executed successfully. These include the Dropkick Dodge, Slide Dodge and Shoulder Charge Dodge. Players must also be aware that some zombies have unique abilities that require s
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Fennec Tips for Advanced Players in Rocket League

  Do you want to unlock the fennec in rocket league and become an advanced player? In this article, you'll learn tips and tricks to help get the popular car fennec in the game. Unlocking this vehicle can take your rocket league gaming skills to a new level. So, start your engines and read on! Introduction: What is the Fennec and What is Rocket League? Before diving into Fennec tips for advanced players in Rocket League, it's essential to understand what the Fennec and Rocket League are. The Fennec is a battle-car available in the game Rocket League, designed based on a sports car. Rocket League, on the other hand, is a popular video game that combines soccer and cars in a unique and entertaining way. Now, coming to the Fennec tips - as an advanced player, you would want to use the Fennec to its full potential in Rocket League. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 1. The Fennec has a smaller hitbox compared to other vehicles, making it easier to dodge incoming attacks. 2. The car