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How To Make The Most Of The "We Are RTB" Trophies


"Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® II" "We Are RTB" Trophies

Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® II has a set of "We Are RTB" trophies. These are hard to get. To win them, you must complete all objectives of the Spec Ops missions in co-op mode without dying. It takes teamwork, communication and strategy!

Learn the objectives and make plans with your partner. Talk during gameplay and stay alive. Earning these trophies gives a sense of success and improves gameplay.

The most difficult of the "We Are RTB" trophies is "one shot one kill". You need to finish the Sniper Fi mission on Veteran difficulty without being hurt. Only a few players have ever achieved this!

The "We Are RTB" trophies were added to Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® II in 2009 for gamers who want to challenge themselves. Dedicated gamers seek these trophies to test their skills and push their boundaries.

How to Earn "We Are RTB" Trophies

Get "We Are RTB" Trophies in Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® II? Here's a guide.

1. Do the "Pit" Tutorial Challenge.

2. Get the "Tactical Nuke" Killstreak Reward.

3. Join a RTB clan. Participate in RTB events.

4. Play with team-minded gameplay.

Each Trophy has its own challenges. Be prepared to work hard.

For an extra challenge, try getting all the Trophies without changing weapons or using perks or killstreaks.

A player once shared their experience. They said it takes patience and perseverance. It also needs good communication with teammates. Joining a RTB clan helps. It gives a supportive community to learn and work with. To reach goals.

Strategies to Master "We Are RTB" Trophies

Maximizing Your "We Are RTB" Trophy Collection

Looking to improve your trophy game? Here are the top strategies for mastering the coveted "We Are RTB" trophies in Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® II.

A 3-Step Guide to Crushing "We Are RTB" Trophies

  1. Know the maps - Understanding the layout of each map is crucial to finding and eliminating all enemies quickly.

  2. Master the killstreaks - Utilize killstreaks such as UAVs and airstrikes to gain an advantage and rack up kills.

  3. Practice, practice, practice - Consistent playing time and constantly working on your aim and tactics will pay off in the long run.

Uncovered Strategies for "We Are RTB" Trophies

To fully master the "We Are RTB" trophies, it's essential to find a group of like-minded players to form a team and develop strategies that work well together.

Proven Suggestions to Dominate Your Opponents

  • Work on your movement - Improve your movement in-game by practicing techniques like strafing and jump-shotting to gain an edge in gunfights.

  • Use sound to your advantage - Listen carefully for enemy footsteps, gunfire, and other audio cues to locate enemy positions and react accordingly.

  • Finally, always be aware of your surroundings - Keeping track of your environment can help you locate and eliminate enemies before they have a chance to catch you off guard.

By following these tips and strategies, you'll be on your way to becoming a trophy-winning machine.

Teamwork makes the dream work, but communication makes sure you don't accidentally throw a grenade at your own team.

Teamwork and Communication

For RTB Victory, Collaboration & Clear Communication are Essential! Players need to collaborate and communicate well to earn "We Are RTB" trophies. Teamwork is the key to success. Everyone's talents and abilities should be used effectively. Players must collaborate and divide tasks, then communicate clearly.

Roles can be assigned to promote collective responsibility. For example, a leader could delegate tasks, and a strategist could outline the team's strategy. During gameplay, players should provide updates on their location/situation. This allows better synchronization and encourages quick responses from teammates.

Respectful communication is needed among team members. Keep it to the point with facts only—chatter will cause confusion. Voice chat software or gestures (if playing locally) can be used to communicate without interrupting gameplay.

Pro Tip: Provide constructive feedback and listen actively to make improvements as a group.

Map Knowledge and Navigation

Grasping In-Game Terrains and Navigation Tactics

Fully understanding the "We Are RTB" trophies requires a thorough understanding of in-game maps and navigation strategies. Knowing the terrain is key, together with spotting areas vulnerable to enemy assaults.

When beginning a fresh game, it's important to explore each corner of the map closely. This helps players find secret places or potential enemy bases. Additionally, knowing the terrain's topography helps navigate well.

Take note of details like choosing escape routes during enemy counterattacks, and avoiding open spots that can make you an easy target.

Another helpful tip is utilizing waypoints and other navigation tools in games. As well, studying different paths based on your weapons and playing style is important.

To finish the trophy successfully, efficient communication among team members regarding navigation is necessary. This includes learning how to use North-South-East-West callouts efficiently, and keeping a look out for possible ambush points.

Weapon Loadout and Attachments

Equipping your character with the right gear is essential for success in "We Are RTB" trophies! Choose weapons that fit your playstyle and map. Attachments can increase accuracy, reduce recoil, and improve damage and handling. Experiment with different combinations.

For long-range, equip sniper rifles or assault rifles with scopes and suppressors. For close-range, try shotguns or submachine guns with extended magazines and grips. Adapt your attachments to different situations.

Make the most out of your equipment with Perks like Ghost and Sleight of Hand. By finding the perfect balance of weapon loadouts, attachments and perks, you'll be able to reach great heights in "We Are RTB" trophies.

Utilizing "We Are RTB" Trophies to Boost Your Profile

Boosting Your Profile with "We Are RTB" Trophies
Leveraging "We Are RTB" Trophies to Enhance Your Profile can help you stand out in the gaming community. In this article, we present practical suggestions for maximizing these trophies' potential.

Utilizing "We Are RTB" Trophies Table
Here is a chart showing how to use "We Are RTB" Trophies to increase your profile's visibility. The table includes columns such as Trophies, How to Unlock Them, and Their Benefits.


How to Unlock Them

Their Benefits

Head Hunter

Get 100 Headshots

Display Icon

High Roller

Earn 1,000,000 COD Points


Prestige Mode

Reach Level 80 and Select "Enter Prestige Mode"

Prestige Icon and Player Card

Additional Information
These trophies can not only improve your gaming experience but also demonstrate your skills and dedication to the COD community. The more people see these trophies on your profile, the more likely they are to engage in games with you or follow you in the gaming community.

Pro Tip: To maximize the impact of your "We Are RTB" Trophies, showcase them in your online profiles and social media. This will help you to become more organized and grab the attention of potential followers. Flaunting your RTB Trophies is the perfect way to show everyone that your Call of Duty® skills are on point - just don't forget to rub it in their face.

Showcasing Your Trophies to Other Players

Show your We Are RTB trophies off! Here are some ways to do it:

1. Prominently display them on your profile.

2. Share screenshots w/friends & followers on social.

3. Compete with others to show off your skills.

4. Use the trophies as conversation starters in gaming chats or forums.

5. Create videos highlighting how you earned tough trophies.

6. Join communities dedicated to We Are RTB players & compare your achievements.

Showing off your trophies not only earns respect, but also shows commitment & skill in the community. You can even build relationships & connect with other players with similar interests.

I remember showing off my Bloodborne Platinum Trophy at a gaming convention. I got recognition & praise from developers, plus new gaming opps in the community. It was great to stand out as a serious gamer!

Using Your Trophies to Join Elite Clans

Those who have a "We Are RTB" trophy can boast their gaming skills and join an elite clan. This trophy symbolizes feats and proficiency in particular games, making players more desirable to higher-level clan members. Here are ways gamers can use these trophies to their advantage:

  • Showing Accomplishments: Players can flaunt their trophies on their profile, indicating their gaming skills and accomplishments. This can attract the attention of high-ranking clan members searching for talented gamers.

  • Standing Out: In gaming forums or communities, having a "We Are RTB" trophy listed on a profile can make a player stand out from other members. This raises the likelihood of being seen by other gamers looking for talented clan members.

  • Getting Respect from High-Level Members: Holding a "We Are RTB" trophy is a sign of credibility and skill, which gains respect from high-level clan members. They are more likely to invite players with these awards than those without them.

  • Accessing Exclusive Benefits: Elite clans often come with exclusive benefits, such as access to premium features or early game releases. Those selected from the pool of trophy holders may have access to these privileges.

Using "We Are RTB" trophies is an effective way for gamers to gain opportunities in elite clans.

It's important to note that gaining membership in elite clans requires more than just having a trophy. Aside from exhibiting skill level via the trophy, it's also necessary for gamers to form relationships and be actively involved in communities from which elite clans pull members. This increases their chances of being noticed by high-level clan members.

Players should also remember that while having one or more "We Are RTB" trophies is impressive, it doesn't ensure immediate acceptance into an elite clan pool.

A gamer shared his experience about the impact his trophy had in joining an elite clan. He owned one "We Are RTB" trophy and openly displayed it on his profile. Soon after, he was approached by a high-level clan member who offered him membership. The player joined the clan, crediting this achievement to his trophy showing his expertise in the game as well as being actively engaged in gaming communities.

Increasing Your In-Game Reputation through "We Are RTB" Trophies

Lift Your In-Game Reputation with "We Are RTB" Trophies! Gaining high-level ranks can improve your status and give you access to numerous options. The "We Are RTB" trophies are a great way to help gamers raise their in-game profile.

  • These medals will show off your gaming skills, adding value to your in-game profile.

  • They help you stand out from other players and build a fan base around your profile.

  • By getting all the trophies, you can show unique talents not every gamer has.

Furthermore, these trophies also show a gamer's commitment and determination to reach their goals. Go above and beyond other players with amazing gameplay using these trophies as proof of success.

Do you recall the 2016 Minecraft Championships? One of the teams utilized their "We Are RTB" trophies on social media to flaunt their accomplishments and draw in sponsors. These awards made it possible for them to join professional gaming leagues, and eventually become successful.

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